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Nasty Canasta

Nasty Canasta by Ben Trivett

Internationally-renowned artstar (and reigning Cheese Queen of Coney Island) Nasty Canasta is frequently hailed as a genius of the neo-burlesque scene. A "burlesque queen" (The NY Times), Runner Up at the 2010 Miss Exotic World Pageant, and "Brooklyn's greatest burlesque star" (The Brooklyn Paper), Nasty is an associate producer with Wasabassco, was host and producer of Naked Girls Reading NYC - "New York's Best Story Hour," (The Village Voice), and was the impresario behind Sweet & Nasty Burlesque and Pinchbottom Burlesque ("Best Burlesque in NYC" - NY Magazine, "Most Innovative" - Burlesque Hall of Fame). She is the winner of 10 Golden Pastie Awards from The New York Burlesque Festival, has been included multiple times on the 21st Century Burlesque “Top 50 Burlesque Performers” list, and in 2016 was honored as a "Legend of Nerdlesque" by the New York Nerdlesque Festival.

Nasty began her performance career as a stage actor, studying theatre and costume design at Brown University. In 2004 - after too many years of horribly embarrassing (though, fortunately, horribly-attended) off-off-off-Broadway shows - she discovered her true calling on the burlesque stage.

Now a full-time burlesque performer, producer and costumer, Nasty draws on her years of experience in the theatre to create acts and shows that combine tease and titillation, humor, spectacle and theatricality. She wrote and produced The Case of The Falling Starlet and The Speakeasy Stiff (burlesque radio murder mystery plays for the stage), Wasabassco's KONG, Stripper Macbeth, The Thing With 10,000 Pasties, Sherlock Holmes and the Case of The Scarlet Buttcheek and A 70's Christmas Carol, and co-stars in Chris Harder's Nasty Drew And That Harder Boy mysteries. She has been a featured performer at various burlesque festivals in the US and Canada; headlined the Montreal Bagel Burlesque Expo in 2015; toured eastern Canada with the Towers of Tease in the summer of 2016; and hosted the 2017 Vancouver International Burlesque Festival and the 2017 Nerdlesque Festival in New York City. In addition to her burlesque performances, she teaches private and group classes, writes Showgirl Detritus - a blog about performing, producing & creating - and spent the summer of 2010 as a snake charmer and contortionist with the world-famous Coney Island Circus Sideshow in Brooklyn, NY.

Nasty is best known for her 'burlesques on burlesque:' subtle and surprising twists on classic striptease such as her car-alarm fan dance, her "Unknown Stripper" act, and her award-winning ecdysiastical tribute to Dorian Gray, "The Portrait." Equally at home with classic tease and contemporary pop culture, her numbers range from the sublime to the silly, and have been a favorite with audiences around the world.

Photo by Ben Trivett

Alotta Boutte - San Francisco

Alotta Boutte

Alotta Boutte is an international cabaret and burlesque sensation. Hailing from the nightclubs of San Francisco, Ms. Boutte delivers the raunch, blues and soul of a Southern juke joint queen with the sophistication and charm of a Harlem debutante. Built for sin with the voice of an angel, Ms. Boutte serves up sweet lyrical somethings that titillate your eyes and tantalize your ears.

Formerly a member of Harlem Shake, neo-burlesque's first all black troupe, Ms. Boutte has been a featured performer at Tease-O-Rama, the Burlesque Hall of Fame, the New York Burlesque Festival, Helsinki Burlesque Festival, Stockholm's Hootchy Kootchy Club and in Margaret Cho's Sensuous Woman and shared the stage with the biggest and brightest in burlesque and cabaret. Recently, she starred as the Chanteuse in the Mugler Follies in Paris. She currently resides in San Francisco and is part of the world's longest running musical, Beach Blanket Babylon.

Scheduled Performers:

Akynos in Koffee - NYC

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Allura Fette by Insomniac Studios

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Ammunition - Chicago

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Annie Cherry and The Bohemian Cult Revival - Kansas City

Annie Cherry and The Bohemian Cult Revival - photo by Jen Young

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Aria Delanoche by Coco Haus

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Auralie Wilde - Iowa City

Auralie Wilde_ La Photographie

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Bobby Barnaby - Austin

Bobby Barnaby photo by Ruth Gillson

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Briq House by Scott Foster

photo by Scott Foster

Burning Loins Boylesque - Denver

Burning Loins photo by La Photographie

photo by La Photographie

Camille Leon - Chicago

Camille Leon

photo by Hannah Dunsirn


Cherie Nuit - Baltimore

Cherie Nuit - Stereovision

photo by Stereovision

Chola Magnolia - Austin

Chola Magnolia by Saraphim Art

photo by Saraphim Art

Dahlia Dulce - Minneapolis

Dahlia Dulce-Dapper Fella Photos

photo by Dapper Fella Photos

Dahlia Fatale - Chicago

Dahlia Fatale photo by PEZ Photo

photo by PEZ Photo

Diva La Tap - St Louis

Diva La Tap photo by Insomniac Studios

photo by Insomniac Studios

Dixie Denier - St Louis

Dixie Denier photo by Kevin Owens Imagery

photo by Kevin Owens Imagery

Dusty Bahls - Chicago

Dusty Bahls photo by Greg Inda

 photo by Greg Inda

Eva La Feva - Chicago

Eva La Feva photo by Ruby Images

photo by Ruby Images

Exotic Rhythms Belly Dance - St Louis


photo by Dancer's Eye/Carrie Meyer

Foul Play Cabaret - Hot Springs, AR

Foul Play Cabaret photo by JFF Photo

photo by JFF Photo

Freya West - Nashville

FreyaWest-La Photographie

photo by La Photographie


Gaea Lady - Chicago

Gaea Lady photo by Melanie Bert

photo by Melanie Bert

Greta Garter - St Louis

Greta Garter by Insomniac Studios

photo by Insomniac Studios

Gurl Haggard - Indianapolis

Gurl Haggard - Schwebach Photography

photo by  Schwebach Photography

Ickymuffin - Dallas

ickymuffin photo by Michael Shulze

photo by Michael Shulze

Isaiah Esquire - Portland

Isaiah Esquire photo by Jason Lager

photo by Jason Lager

Jameson Peligro - St Louis

Jameson Peligro photo by Fotoewizzard Photography

photo by Fotoewizzard Photography

Jeez Loueez - Chicago

Jeez Loueez by Greg Inda

photo by Greg Inda

Jezebel Express - NYC

JezebelExpress photo by Jane Kratochvil

photo by Jane Kratochvil

Jo'Rie Tigerlily

Jo'Rie Tigerlily photo by Cwji Photos


photo by Cwji Photos

Johnny Nuriel - Portland

Johnny Nuriel photo by RJ Muna Photography

photo by RJ Muna Photography

Jovie Devoe - Seattle

Jovie Devoe by Ji Ji Lee

photo  by Ji Ji Lee

 Juliette Electrique - Portland

Juliette Electrique

photo courtesy of Juliette Electrique

Kami Oh - Los Angeles

Kami Oh photo by Kelly Gardina Photography

photo by Kelly Gardina Photography 

Kitson Sass & Pistol Prudence - St Paul, MN

Kitson & Pistol photo by Dennis Driscol

photo by Dennis Driscol

Lilly Rascal - Chicago

Lilly Rascal photo by Greg Bell

photo by Greg Bell

Lola Coquette - Portland

Lola Coquette photo by Curvygrl Photography

photo by Curvygrl Photography

Lola LeStrange - Austin

Lola LeStrange - POC Photography

photo by POC Photography


Martika - Kansas City


photo courtesy of Martika

Maxi Glamour and Steele Starling

Maxi and Steele photo by Allan Crain

photo by Allan Crain

Mayo Lua de Frenchie - Albuquerque

Maya Lua de Frenchie photo by Broken Glass Photography

photo by Broken Glass Photography


Mimi Le Uke - St. Louis

Mimi Le Uke photo by Kevin Dingman

photo by Kevin Dingman

Miss Catwings - Honolulu

Miss Catwings photo by Tiena Enga

photo by Tiena Enga

Miss Joelle D'Amour - Italy/Russia

Miss Joelle D'Amour photo by Tatiana Rakovets

photo by Tatiana Rakovets

Misy Lotus - Berlin/Switzerland

Misy Lotus photo by Lucie Kout

photo by Lucie Kout

Musette - Minneapolis

Musette photo by Dapper Fella Photos

photo by Dapper Fella Photos

Nicole Lynn Foxx - New Orleans

Nicole Lynn Foxx photo by Julian Orr

photo by Julian Orr

Nina La Voix - NYC

Nina La Voix photo by Maxwell Sterz Photography

photo by Maxwell Sterz Photography

Noah Grey - Chicago

Noah Grey - Green Faerie Productions

photo by Green Faerie Productions

Nox Falls - Amarillo, TX

Nox Falls photo by Micheal Shulze

photo by Micheal Shulze

Ona Monsoon - Portland

Ona Monsoon photo by AmbeRed Photography

photo by AmbeRed Photography

Ophelia Flame - Minneapolis

OpheliaFlame by Jenn Kelly

photo by Jenn Kelly

Patsy Blue Ribbon - Indianapolis

Patsy Blue Ribbon-Rachel Schwebach

photo by Rachel Schwebach

Patti Zikmund - Chicago

Patti Zikmund photo by Allan Crain

photo by Allan Crain

Ricky Phoenix - Milwaukee

Ricky Phoenix photo by Allan Crain

photo by Allan Crain

Rosa Lee Bloom and Violet D'Vine - Hot Springs, AR

Rosa and Violet photo by Cao Foto

photo by Cao Foto

Rose Whip - St Louis

Rose Whip photo by Allan Crain

photo by Allan Crain

Ruby Joule - Austin

Ruby Joule photo by Flawless Exposure

photo by Flawless Exposure

Sailem - St Louis

Sailem Divine XO photography

photo by Divine XO photography

Samantha D Siren - Chicago

Samantha D Siren photo by Simona Signoret

photo by Simona Signoret

Shan de Leers - Nashville

Shan de Leers photo by La Photographie

photo by La Photographie

Shelbelle Shamrock - Dallas

Shelbelle Shamrock - Dallas

Photo by Madison Hurley Photography

Sindee Hoo Hoo - St Louis


photo by Richard Nichols



Sugar Kane - Portland

Sugar Kane photo by Kaylin Idora Photography

photo by Kaylin Idora Photography

Sugar Vixen - Montreal

Sugar Vixen photo by Marisa Parisella Photography

photo by Marisa Parisella Photography

Tanis Lee - St Louis

Tanis Lee by Divine XO Photography

photo  by Divine XO Photography

The Boomettes - Richmond, VA

The Boomettes photo by Soaring Oak

photo by Soaring Oak

The Bon Bons - St Louis

The Bon Bons photo by Insomniac Studios

photo by Insomniac Studios

Valentina - San Diego

Valentina Jellyfish photo by Vixen Photography

photo by Vixen Photography

Vaudeville Vixens - San Diego

Vaudeville Vixens photo by Xaiver Bailey Photography

photo by Xaiver Bailey Photography

Vivacious Miss Audacious - Grand Rapids

Vivacious Miss Audacious by Eve Saint-Ramon

photo  by Eve Saint-Ramon

Willy La Queue - Chicago

Willy La Queue photo by David McWhirter

photo by David McWhirter

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