Strength & Stretch with
Dahlia Fatale
This is not your morning yoga class! Come learn to stretch your body in ways you never before thought possible. This class will put you in touch with new muscles and old ones in a warm, encouraging environment that allows you to push your limits.
We will also discuss injury prevention and bending as it pertains to dance, performance and daily function. There is no flexibility prerequisite for this class; those who can't touch their toes will get just as much out of it as those who can sit on their own heads. If your knees prefer a little cushion, feel free to bring knee pads. Bare feet are preferred. See you there!  Register now!

You’re Grounded: Spiritual Survival for the Showgirl with
Deanna Danger
You’re a sensitive fucking artist, the world is a mess, and #glittercrash is real. “You’re Grounded” will teach students tools to help stay grounded amidst the insanity of being a burlesque performer in this crazy muggle world. Utilizing chakra balancing techniques, life management skills, nature therapy, goals and intention setting, this class will help students call upon #stripperBuddha to calm their inner fires into a steady, slow-burn, outward tease. Register now!

Dirty Moves with
Dirty Martini
Join classically trained dancer Dirty Martini as she breaks down the basics of burlesque for dancer of all levels. Perfect for those students who have not experienced a movement class before, Miss Martini introduces the classical dance class structure in a friendly and positive atmosphere to get anyone ready for their first of five hundredth turn around the stage. Class starts with a warm up emphasizing movement based in jazz, ballet, and Middle Eastern dance techniques that strengthen the abdominal core and help to promote an economy of movement within the body. Proper alignment and coordination is the focus while students learn how to shake what they’ve got and carry it with pride. The class progresses with exercises developed to enhance proper deportment and stage presence enhancing each person’s individuality. The building blocks of burlesque choreography are emphasized while students learn a short routine to Miss Martini’s striptease music favorites. Register now!

Tone Up: Burlesque Barre Fitness with
Midnight Martini
This one-hour class takes ballet, pilates, sports conditioning, and burlesque basics for a non-impact full body workout! Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2014 Midnite Martini will have you sweat and strengthen like never before and stretch and tone to get those lean dancer muscles. Perfect for any level of experience. Register now!

Fabric and Veil Manipulation with
Gaea Lady
Silken fabrics flow and ripple unlike any other - when combined with light and movement they become dramatic magic for the human eye. Join Gaea Lady in exploring just how to dance with these fabrics - learning specific body movements and hand patterns as well as techniques to let the fabric guide you during the dance. We'll explore dynamic whips and dreamy floats, weaves and infinite recursive spins, and drapes and wraps. Students will dance with weighted veils and flags- learning the basics of this custom veil form which is Gaea's specialty!

Students should bring a silk or light fabric veil, at least 3x8 feet. Students can also bring large fabric costume pieces for improvisation in class. Gaea will have a limited amount of veils available for use, borrow, and sale. Register now!



Headdress for Less with
Fashion a fabulous “Topper” for yer dream Showgirl-show-stopper! If you ever thought flair for yer hair would add to an act, Musette will walk you through construction of a basic headdress during this hour and a half class. You will leave the class with a fantastic base and form that you can personalize and adorn for your next big act. Musette is a believer on innovation due to limitation, watch how you can showcase all your champagne dreams with or without the means... to be decked out in a pile of diamonds per sec. This class will instruct you to use shape and texture to create a piece that impacts the audience more than your pocket book. Let your inner “show-bo” shine with a bit of wire, hot glue, and the gift of dreaming bigger, more sparkly, burlesque dreams.
Musette will supply enough supplies for you to start your new fabulous headpiece and some showgirl templates. If you have a specific act in mind, please bring a print out or images on your phone for inspiration to share. Cheers! Register now!

Flow Motion: Floorwork for Everyone with
Michelle Mynx
This class celebrates your assets and teaches you to highlight them whether you have all splits and can sit on your head or you can't even touch your toes. Learn flows that work alone or with pole, bare foot or in heels, for the flexible or the not so flexible. Perfect for Burlesque dancers looking to add levels to their performances. Learn to dance your way to your feet and back to the floor. Includes variations that work for every body type. Are you incredibly flexible and want to show it off? Great! Are you miles away from your splits? No problem! Learn "split fake-outs" and various other tricks to create your desired illusion. All levels welcome.
Please Note: if you have taken this class before, it is always evolving and never exactly the same twice.
Wear layers of comfortable clothes and bring shoes you perform in. Knee Pads and a notebook suggested. Register now!

Improv and Instant Character with
Tifa Tittlywinks
The goal of this course is to give performers the tools to develop characters instantly on stage. Using comedic improvisational skills, performers will learn to navigate tough performance situations, create fun characters, and walk away with fun games to improve their on stage presence. We will accomplish these goals with several pre-game tactics, one-on-one improvisation skills, and group methods for creating comprehensive routines. This is a fun, participation based class. Be prepared to move around, feel silly, and bring an open mind. Register now!



Calm the F*ck Down with
Ophelia Flame
Stage fright can paralyze performers and keep them from reaching their potential. A life-long practitioner of Yoga, Ophelia shares techniques on how to overcome jitters, explore strength, breath and meditation tailored to performers, dancers and anyone challenged with anxiety. Register now!

Grindercise with
Shan de Leers
Get in a workout that doesn't feel like a workout, until day two. Join Shan de Leers in this fast and dirty flow dance class! Join her for an hour of up tempo movement; grinds, rolls, waves, and transitions that will help you raise your heartbeat and tap into your Pussy Power. Let’s get in CUNTrol! Register now!

The Ultimate Guide to Knocking Them Dead with
Dirty Martini
Have you always wondered why some people “have it” and some people don’t? When you see a performer that seems to not only own what they’re doing, but also the stage around them and the seat you are sitting in, do you ask what it is that they’ve got that makes them so special? Do you wonder how it’s possible that a performer can capture and audience and make you feel as if they are looking right at you? Having “it” is not a birthright: it’s a technique that can be learned. The mystery is now solved. Let Miss Dirty Martini teach you the building blocks of stage personality and let her help you bring out your inner diva. Experience exercises that develop an awareness of personal space, and help to highlight the importance of the space that an individual performer carves out within their stage environment. Use Dirty Martini’s years of performance experience as a solo artists and member of the corps de ballet to guide you through the process of developing your individuality and importance as a performer that will make you stand out from the crowd. Register now!

WERK that Chair with
Mr. Gorgeous
This class is all about moving on and around the chair with acrobatic intention. This short class will open your mind to new ways to mound and create shapes on the chair. It’s great for beginners and students who are new to the acrobatic game but feel in touch with the body. The class begins with a quick warm-up and stretch, basic inversions and ground movements. Next we will explore fun ways to add basic acrobatic movements and shapes into basic chair dance choreography. Prepare for all fun and no judgments, in this often time “out of the comfort zone” class.
*It’s helpful to have an understanding of shoulder stands and core awareness for this class - All are welcome to play! Register now!



Costume Theory with
Doris Night
This class is for the beginner costumer. We'll start by discussing deconstruction of every day lingerie to find out how it was made so you can utilize it for your own costume needs! We'll also be talking about making panty patterns, types of stitches, hardware needed, preferred fabrics, and where to find all these items and how to go about it cost efficiently. Please bring and pen and notepad for notes. Register now!

Pole for Burlesque with
Michelle Mynx
As pole dance becomes more popular, so do Pole Showcases featuring variety acts. You may find yourself on a stage with a pole more and more often. Rather than see it as an obstacle, learn simple but sassy ways of incorporating the Pole into your existing choreography or freestyles. All levels welcome. No Pole experience necessary. Register now!

Improvesque: The Theory & Practice of Improvisational Burlesque with
Siobhan Atomica
Learn secrets of the stage to inform and develop your skills as an improvisational burlesque performer with Siobhan Atomica, 2014 Shimmy Showdown Improv Burlesque Champion. In this one hour class we will discuss theory of burlesque improv as well as practicing different theatrical and dance exercises that will make your improv acts riveting and enjoyable for you and your crowd. This class is open to performers and students of all levels. Please wear form-fitting clothing appropriate for movement and bring pen and paper for notes. Register now!